MK was established in 2011 in Beirut, Lebanon and it evolved to become one of the well-established companies in the domain of mechanical and industrial supply and consultancy.

MK supplies the Lebanese and regional markets with industrial machinery and tools, as well as mechanical equipment and accessories such as: pipes, valves, fittings for HVAC, plumbing, fire fighting and steam applications.

MK guarantees its clients the highest level of quality, as well as maximized product lifetime and efficiency. This is acheived by sourcing products that are compliant with national and international quality standards, and which originate from reputable international manufacturers.

Moreover, MK offers consultancy and support services, which add value to the offered products and allow for the implementation of optimized solutions.

MK strives for success in today's dynamic world through continuous assessment of market needs, changing trends, as well as new product & process technologies. This is attained by focusing on trade shows, as well as formulating strong and lasting partnerships with trusted manufacturers. MK then relies on its in-depth engineering and consultancy knowledge to analyze the collected information, adapt its strategy to market and client requirements, and to actively keep its list of product offerings up-to-date.


MK will redefine the mechanical industry in the region through flexible customer-centered solutions.


MK provides mechanical and industrial solutions by offering a selection of quality products and consultancy services designed to meet the changing expectations of its present and potential clients in Lebanon and the region throughout a lifetime relationship.


MK Management believes that an ethical and healthy relationship with all its stakeholders (clients, suppliers, creditors, employees, government, and community) is a key ingredient for the stability and prosperity of the business, and is thus committed to:


Properly assessing its clients' needs and wants, proposing the most suitable and cost-effective solution, delivering its products and services on time and within budget, and conducting an honest and responsive after-sales services.


Establishing ties with its supply chain and creditors by treating them as partners in providing solutions to clients, in marshalling the proper resources for that end, and in honoring MK's commitments to them


Creating a safe family-like environment in its workplace to protect lives and health of its employees from workplace hazards while at the same time fostering in them a sense of ownership of the business.


Complying with the governmental regulations of the countries in which MK is operating, performing the required quality and safety measures, and paying all the required taxes and fees.


Setting an example of good citizenship behavior by paying back its community for Mk's existence through creation of employment, respect of the environment, and donations to charities.

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